​        Buryat Country Retreat Center at 
​                Buryat Fields, Whitewater, Wisconsin

    Come alone or with friends & family to our Baha'i-inspired Center,
    to help find yourself, your faith, your place in the world.​ 


                                                                                   Information for Getting Started

           Welcome!  My name is Suzanne Popke. 
    At this website you can get information  
        about  our Buryat Country Retreat Center,  
            our family's books, renovation work, and artwork projects.

        You can learn about 
            workshops and activities at our Retreat Center 
               or at our nationally registered historic landmark 
                  Nelson Salisbury House in Whitewater

        You can learn how to put up a ger (Buryat round house) 
            or take a tour around Whitewater.

                    You can learn a little about the  Baha'i way of life.

    Thanks for coming & enjoy your website visit!

        Contact us any time with questions:
            World-wide Baha'i community?
                Buryat Siberian culture?
                    Tour Retreat Center or Nelson Salisbury House?

   Dr. Suzanne L. Popke, Ed.D., LPC
            email: intsim@idcnet.com
Professional website: www.dpopketherapy.com

                              Putting up a Buryat Ger at the Retreat Center