Letters from an Unknown Friend:
A Poetic Study of Strange Communications

       These poems are based on letters I received from my friend Theo for over more than two years. Theo wanted to write a book about Baha'i education. I had written a couple books so we thought maybe we could collaborate. It soon became apparent to me that I couldn't understand anything he was writing. He was either very advanced in his research - or crazy. I chose to believe he was crazy.
        But even though I had politely backed off from the collaboration, he continued the work - and the friendship. One day I realized that the only way I could understand his communication was to read it like poetry. Suddenly, his writing made sense. His thoughts weren't linear, but conceptual, symbolic, from the heart - and soul. Suddenly, as poems, his writing started teaching me something about the Baha'i Faith and all of life.
        I have never met Theo in person, but our friendship continues through letters. These poems are not Theo's verbatim letters but retain their essence which in some unpredictable life situations can be better than the real thing.
      Come join our poetic study of some extremely strange communications.

Birth of a New Race:
Poems for a Dead Storyteller 

       A grandmother from Sioux Indian country in the late 1800s has something to teach her great-grandchildren today. One family’s personal story combines with Wisconsin history & traditional Lakota tales through narrative poems written for children & adults alike. Take a poetic journey that covers over a hundred years to places like Trader’s Bayou, Rosebud Reservation, & Old Fortune House in Mukwa, Wisconsin.

       Learn how these places have contributed to the birth of a new race around the world, especially for this family whose journey extends all the way to Siberia & back to North America in the 21st century.

       Awarded a prize in poetry by the Wisconsin Academy of Arts & Sciences, you can also follow this family’s true life story through the author’s other books which include "Siberian Pearls: A Buryat Journey" & "The Buryat Journey Continues Overland: Siberian Pearls at Culture Camp."

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 The Adventures of Tolei Mergen

Join Tolei and his friends Grey Horse and Wolf as they face the fearsome Mangadhai at the top of Silver Mountain in Buryatia. A traditional Buryat tale written by an American mother for her Buryat children, it became one of their favorite stories. Now the family shares it with you. Learn about the culture of Buryats, an indigenous Siberian tribe, and learn some important lessons for life. Let the adventure begin....