Our Family's Art Projects
Journey Through the Heart and Mind

We try to combine artistic expression with psychological insight,
provide a relaxing and thoughtful environment for visitors at the retreat center, & encourage artistic opportunities for all ages within the Whitewater community.

Some of Suzanne's painted glass creations.
(Photographed by Zachary Popke)

Some of Suzanne's Siberian weavings (taars)
 on exhibit at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

                                                 Hayden Popke displayed artwork at 
                                             Whitewater Youth Art Exhibit              

                                                                 (Self-portrait of an exceptional 8th Grader)


Hayden and Sasha Popke Display Artwork 

                        at the Whitewater Cultural Arts Center 

              for the International Artist Exhibit 

                   Mandala Sand Paintings

​                                                                                                                 Buryatia - Where we were born.

​                                 Watercolors

Sasha Popke (age 11) wins an 
award in photography at local art 
show with his photo 
titled "Tulip Spring." (right)

Sasha and his brother Zachary's 
(age15) photos were on exhibit 
at the Whitewater Cultural Arts 

Suzanne's weaving titled "Butterfly in the Woods" won a Wisconsin state award through the Wisconsin Regional Art Program while displayed at the Crossman Art Gallery (University of Wis.- Whitewater).