​                        Buryat Fields
​                                                Whitewater, Wisconsin


                                                                                             Information for Getting Started


    At this website you can get information  
        about  our farm called Buryat Fields,  
            our family's books, renovation work, and artwork projects.

  •           You can also learn about 
  •             workshops and activities at our farm 
  •                or at our nationally-registered historic landmark 
  •                   Nelson Salisbury House in Whitewater.
  •                             The house is a popular Airbnb guest stop. 

         You can learn how to put up a ger (Buryat round house) 
            and learn about other facets of Buryat Siberian culture.

                    You can also learn a little about the  Baha'i way of life.

    Thanks for coming & enjoy your website visit!

                    Contact us any time with questions.

   Dr. Suzanne L. PopkeEd.D. PSY., LPC
                    email: intsim@idcnet.com
                    Professional website: www.dpopketherapy.com

                                        Putting up a ger at the farm.